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B) It’s my first time here and I’m in the mood for a full-length feature: start with THE STORY.

C) Just give me the punchline:

In early February we hit the proverbial potato-carrot-apple jackpot, big-time!  300 pounds of potatoes, apples and carrots, organically-grown and carried directly into our cellar by authentic Normand farmers.

In celebration of our great fortune and to share with you our new found affection for root vegetables, we are chronicling our daily dedication to eat our way out of this mess.  It’s The surplus survival guide for urban dwellers.

Since we live in France, and half of our family is German (catch up on our biography here), the guide includes an inter-continental mix of fine cuisine and decadent delicacies from both sides of the Atlantic.  All recipes have been kitchen-tested under the most strenuous parenting conditions and can be completed in the time it takes your toddler to take apart the living room.

Should you have any recipe ideas (particularly for dirty carrots…), questions, or comments: contact us.