Who would do something like that?

Bienvenue, I’m Maureen

An American, in Paris.  Mother of 2.  Wife of 1.  Architect by training.  Too many hobbies to list and no time for any of them.

My greatest strength? My particular weakness for adventure :

Two years living with thirty orphaned boys on a farm in rural Honduras ? — sure!

Kenya for eighteen months with a man I’d met only four months earlier ? — of course!

Paris, France : learn a new language, complete a masters’ degree in architecture in French while pregnant (twice),  and raise tri-lingual children thousand of miles from home ? — you betcha!

You get the idea…

Somehow buying absurd quantities of produce no longer seems so, well, absurd. Having recently bought into the relative stability of home-ownership, it was time to go looking for adventure elsewhere…

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

at the beach

Listening to

country music

grateful for

my family

Favorite place


my weekends

sports & family

best snuggle buddies

my puppies

My Favorite Recipe

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My Favorite Place to go

Where this all began

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