An American, in Paris.  Mother of 2.  Wife of 1.  Architect by training.  Too many hobbies to list and no time for any of them.

My greatest strength? My particular weakness for adventure :

Two years living with thirty orphaned boys on a farm in rural Honduras ? — sure!

Kenya for eighteen months with a man I’d met only four months earlier ? — of course!

Paris, France : learn a new language, complete a masters’ degree in architecture in French while pregnant (twice),  and raise tri-lingual children thousand of miles from home ? — you betcha!

You get the idea…

Somehow buying absurd quantities of produce no longer seems so, well, absurd. Having recently bought into the relative stability of home-ownership, it was time to go looking for adventure elsewhere…

My partners
Jan, the fearless +
Franziska, the brave +
Noah, the mighty !